About the Project

The Project

The Asexual Story Project is a place where people who identify with the asexual community can share their personal stories about being asexual, coming out, relationships, or anything their heart desires. The project was inspired in early 2014, when I saw a post on tumblr expressing the desire to see a writing series specifically devoted to telling auto-biographical stories about asexuality. I wanted to create a space for exactly this to happen: where personal stories can be told, regardless of how significant, dramatic or valuable they are thought to be by others.

Telling stories can have tremendous power. When this project was first conceived, I wrote this in a post for The Asexual Agenda:

Telling stories is, among minority groups in particular, a way of building community, finding commonality (and difference), and asserting existence and pride. In telling stories, we share who we are and that we exist, and in listening to the stories of others, we are able to connect and learn and expand our own perspectives and worldviews. The act of sharing stories and listening to others’ reveals the invisible and the marginal, and creates spaces where dominant narratives can be displaced – or at least, expanded to incorporate the experiences of those not traditionally seen or heard. Stories can have just as much power as theoretical discussions and the more political types of activism.

The stories included on this site are submitted by people identifying as asexual, or people who are somewhere on the asexual side of the spectrum. Some authors choose to tell their stories anonymously, others choose to use real names or pseudonyms and are linked to their own blogs or tumblrs. The vast majority of authors are not professional writers, and no stories are edited by me beyond correcting basic grammatical errors or formatting. They are the stories of asexual people, as submitted by them, and their experiences are diverse. Each story represents the experiences and opinions only of its author, and does not claim to speak for asexual people (or this project) as a whole.

The person running it

My name is Jo, and I’ve been identifying as asexual since 2011.I’m an undergraduate student in Australia, where I study ancient history and archaeology. I’m feminist and asexual activist, both on the internet and in real life. I run my own blog, A Life Unexamined, and I’m a contributor at The Asexual Agenda. In Australia I’ve worked with the media to promote asexual awareness and visibility, and I run workshops on asexuality and asexual relationships whenever I get the chance. You can contact me via the project’s email address: asexualstoryproject(at)gmail.com.